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Vibration ring mill

Vibration ring mill

In a typical vibration ring mill, the grinding chamber is a vessel, which contains a mill ring and a mill cylinder. The grinding chamber is filled with up to 35 – 50 % of particles to be ground. The vessel, held within a frame and supported by springs, is moved in an almost cir- cular fashion by an unbalance. Owing to the contact with the vessel, the mill ring and the mill cylinder move.

A vibration mill is suitable for grinding of hard and abrasive materials, and can easily be ad- justed to different feeds, e.g. by changing the oscillation amplitude or the residence time. The feed particle size is smaller than 5 – 10 mm. The grinding time controls principally the fine- ness of the product. Vibration mills are used to grind fired clay, bauxite, silicon carbide, quartz sand, barium ferrite, and even limestone and talc. Wet grinding is possible but rarely carried out in practice.

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